Spinal Deformity



Admin · May 2, 2019

Reduced Or Eliminated Pain

Most spinal procedures are done to reduce or eliminate pain so the best measure of success is whether or not the patient has less or no pain after the procedure.

Better Movement/Range Of Motion

After back surgery many patients find they are able to move easier, their movements are more natural, and the range of motion overall or in a specific area is better than it was before surgery. Sometimes this isn’t the case, however, with a spinal fusion.

Correction Of Deformity

Many spinal procedures are done to fix a deformity such as scoliosis or flatback. In these cases surgery rights a deformity improving the physical appearance of the deformity as well as symptoms of the deformity such as pain or range of motion as mentioned above.

Removal Of Disability

Back injuries are the number one reason workers are put on disability every year. After surgery, enough progress is often made that a patient can be taken off of disability and return to normal activities.

Better Overall Quality Of Life

With reduced pain and better range of motion it’s easy to see why back surgery could improve a patient’s overall quality of life. The ability to walk without assistance, exercise and do daily tasks without help improved mood.